Zip Codes World Wide

The postcode is a combination of numbers or letters / numbers in the address to define the delivery location for letters, parcels and pallets. In the meantime, these key figures are not only of great importance for post offices, but also absolutely necessary for private forwarding companies. In addition, the figures are now also used by other companies in the private sector, for example to delimit delivery zones or business outlet areas.

In most countries around the world, these numbers form a hierarchical system. The first digits are mostly used to subdivide the country, often from north to south or from west to east. That is why many companies also use this ingenious division of areas, be it for market research or for other corporate activities. The system is well thought out, because the postcodes correspond to the geographic nature of the country. The boundaries of the codes almost always run on real objects such as rivers or streets and they almost never cross insurmountable barriers, such as rivers without bridges.